St. Louis County Police Welfare Association

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The Welfare Association is a non-profit organization which acts as a support alliance for members and their families in times of need. All employees are members of the Welfare Association, by virtue of their employment with the Department.

Members of the Association's Board of Trustees are elected by the employees and, with approval of the Chief of Police, work to develop appropriate guidelines for the impartial distribution of funds to employees and their families in times of need. The Trustees also oversee the management of available resources and organize or direct various fund-raising activities.

What activities does the Welfare Association support?

  • The Welfare Association provides financial assistance to families of employees hospitalized for a duty-related illness or injury.
  • Financially assists employees who are experiencing large medical expenses as a result of a debilitating illness or injury.
  • Awards a $100 savings bond to newborn or newly adopted children of employees as a savings incentive.
  • Presents several $1,000 scholarships to dependent children of employees who are in need of financial assistance.
  • Financially assists families of employees who are killed/injured in the line of duty.
  • Provides annual grave site memorials for officers who have been killed in the line of duty.
  • Pays for the cost of immediate family members of employees who are killed or die in the line of duty to attend National Police Week in Washington, DC, where their loved one is honored.
  • Underwrites a portion of the cost of the annual Memorial Breakfast held in honor of County police officers who have died in the line of duty.
  • Provides contributions to other non-profit organizations which provide support to family members of deceased employees.

How is the Welfare Association supported financially?

  • Private donations from citizens, businesses, as well as employees and their families
  • Profits from the sale of Police Department memorabilia, apparel and gift accessories
  • The Department's annual Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Estate bequests

How can you help?

If you are interested in the work of the Welfare Association and would like to help, here's how:

  • Make a personal or corporate donation to the Welfare Association.
  • Make a donation or bequest to the Association, with instructions to apply the proceeds as a limited scholarship while funding remains.
  • Encourage others to become involved in this worthwhile organization by supporting or participating in the Welfare Association fund-raising activities, such as the Annual Memorial Golf Tournament.

Donations made to this not-for-profit organization are used for the purposes set out in its by-laws. Benefactors receive no services in return for contributions.

Thank you for your interest in the
St. Louis County Police Welfare Association

You can obtain further information regarding Welfare Association activities by contacting us by email by clicking here. You may also write to us or telephone. Please see the contact information at the bottom of this and other Welfare Association pages.


Lieutenant Karl Bulla - President
Sergeant Keith Wildhaber - Vice President
Police Officer Aaron Roediger - Treasurer
Lauren King - Secretary
Colonel Jon Belmar - Member
St. Louis County Police Welfare Association
7900 Forsyth Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105
Telephone: (314) 615-4260