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Colonel Jon M. Belmar, Chief of Police, is pleased to announce the creation of a new program designed to better serve potentially impaired or non-verbal persons. The program provides stickers to residents which are color coded indicating an impairment or disability. Those stickers are intended to be displayed on a front window of a home or the back window of a vehicle.

The program was developed to accomplish three goals. First, the presence of a sticker will alert officers to potentially impaired or non-verbal persons or those with serious medical conditions who may become non-verbal during times of stress. Second, it allows for more effective interaction between law enforcement and the community. Finally, the program should provide assurance to residents and/or their caretakers should contact with law enforcement occur.

The P.I.N. program is voluntary and open to all residents of St. Louis County. Individuals with serious medical conditions or impairments that may cause them to become non-verbal are eligible to receive the sticker(s). The following impairments or disabilities are covered under the P.I.N. sticker program: deaf, service animal, autism, Alzheimer’s or dementia, diabetic, vision impaired, epilepsy, or other unlisted, non-verbal disability.

For the safety and security of program participants, the color codes associated with them will not be publicized.

Residents of St. Louis County, or their caretakers, that wish to obtain a sticker can appear in person to their St. Louis County Police Department Precinct or request an officer be dispatched to their home.


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