South County Precinct (4th)

Captain James Schneider, Commander

schneider We are going on 8 months on being in the new South County Precinct, and I can not say enough of how wonderful it is to be operating in such a great facility it has helped our Officers tremendously in serving the community.

We are also getting ready to start our Advance Citizens Police Academy this month, in which citizens will be learning a more hands on approach.

And a reminder tax fraud season is in full effect, please be cautious when giving out your personal information. If you become a victim of tax fraud, contact our Police Dispatch 636-529-8210, who will assist you in process of filing the police report.

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Precinct Goals

  • Continue our efforts to decrease property crime by an additional 10% by Hotspot policing, public education, tracking repeat offenders, and partnering with local businesses.
  • Focus on each neighborhood’s individual concerns
  • Increase neighborhood engagement with neighbors
  • Identify businesses to sponsor “Coffee with the Commander”
  • Increase following of residents in social media

Precinct Map

Click map of the South County Precinct, that includes boundaries, major highways, municipality names, and surrounding communities.