All police organizations operate under a set of written procedures to be followed in a wide range of situations.  St. Louis County Police Department's procedures are designed to give officers, investigators, civilian employees, and command staff a clear guide to dealing with the wide variety of situations that police personnel must handle, and a set of instructions for assuring that all services are offered and accomplished in an effective, legal and ethical manner. Bulletins provide updates specific to a particular time or situation. Manuals provide more detailed information for specific tasks or types of activities and are often used for training. All procedures are issued on the authority of the St. Louis County Board of Police Commissioners and the Chief of Police.

Procedural Integrity and Accreditation

All procedures must be read and acknowledged by all personnel to whom they apply, and in some cases, there are tests to assure understanding. The department's procedures and its adherence to them are among the issues that are assessed by CALEA when determining whether the department can maintain its accreditation.

General Orders

SLCPD operates under a set of written procedures to be followed in a wide range of situations.  View General Orders. Orders are reviewed yearly.

Annual Reports

Reports are complied by the Bureau of Professional Standards and give an overview of complaints, uses of force, and other issues investigated by the Department.


The St. Louis County Police Department was the first agency in Missouri to receive CALEA's Tri-Arc accreditation in Law Enforcement, Public Safety Communications and Public Service Training Academy.

Special Orders

View current Special Orders of the St. Louis County Police Department. Orders are reviewed yearly.


Bulletins are issued as a means for dissemination of information or instructions that do not warrant a formal order .


Manuals are issued to prescribe policies, rules, regulations and procedures relating to specific subject areas

Statement of Values

The St. Louis County Police Department exists to serve the community by protecting life and property; by preventing crime; by enforcing the laws; and by maintaining order for all people.

Central to our mission are the values which guide our work and decisions. These help us contribute to the high quality of life in St. Louis County.

The public trust and confidence given to those in the police service requires the adoption and compliance of stated values, which are the foundation upon which our polices, goals and operations are built.

In fulfilling our mission, we need the support of citizens and elected officials in order to provide the quality of service our values commit us to providing.

We, the men and women of the St. Louis County Police Department, value:

HUMAN LIFE – We value human life and dignity, as guaranteed by the Constitution.

INTEGRITY – We believe that integrity is the basis for community trust.

LAWS AND CONSTITUTION – We respect the principles that are embodied in the Constitution of the United States. We recognize the authority of federal, state and local laws.

EXCELLENCE – We strive for personal and professional excellence.

ACCOUNTABILITY – We are accountable to the people in the community, and each other.

COOPERATION – We believe that cooperation with the community and the members of our organization will enable us to combine our diverse backgrounds, skills and styles to achieve common goals beneficial to the community and the St. Louis County Police Department.

PROBLEM-SOLVING – We are most effective when we can identify and solve community problems.

OURSELVES – We are dedicated, caring and capable people who are performing important and satisfying work for the people of St. Louis County.
Approved - Board of Police Commissioners - April 18, 2007