St. Louis County Crime Incident Map

The map includes Part 1 UCR data from St. Louis County Police Department and other municipalities within the County for the previous month. The data will be updated each month to include the new data (around a specific date). A lack of data points does not mean that there is no crime in those locations, since the St. Louis County Police Department does not have access to all the municipalities' data in the County. Additionally, there is no data included for arson or human trafficking cases. To download data, please click here.

To view a table of all crimes, please click the small tab located at the bottom of the screen. Please note that there is a UCR count variable stating whether a crime is counted or subtracted (due to being unfounded or subtracted from a previous month). 
To use the map, you can zoom in and out, and also click on points to find more information about the specific incident. Below are the icons found on the map, along with a description of what they do.