Digital Evidence Unit

Digital Evidence equipment

Digital Forensics is an expanding field that embraces the exponential growth of new technology.As our lives become more dependent on devices such as smart phones, laptops, and personal computers the need for specially trained investigators grows.

A Digital Forensic Examiner collects data from a large variety of sources to assist in solving crimes. Sources may include:

Cellular Phones
Desktop Computers
Laptop Computers
Surveillance Camera Recording Systems
Digital cameras and camcorders
Tablet computers
Any storage device that may hold digital media

The role of the examiner is to evaluate and interpret data obtained from properly packaged electronic evidence and present it in a way to assist an investigation.The data is extracted in a forensically sound and industry approved manner that creates an exact duplicate without altering the original data.The duplicate is then examined using various software, techniques, and procedures.This method preserves the original data and allows for a thorough investigation at the same time.

Digital Evidence assists in a large variety of investigations. The unit has worked on cases including:

Financial Fraud
Child Pornography


Properly packaged evidence will be examined in our secure laboratory with our latest technology.  The information is analyzed and organized into specific reports.  Any notable information is pointed out and highlighted in the findings section of the report.

Then upon request, the Examiner will testify in criminal proceedings based upon these findings as an expert witness in the area of Digital Forensic examinations.

In addition to processing cases, the digital evidence section is available for technical advice for the seizing and preserving of digital evidence at the crime scene. It is strongly advised for enforcement officers to consult a forensic expert before attempting to access in any way a computer or electronic device at the crime scene.



The St. Louis County Digital Evidence Unit works in close partnership with the Regional Computer Crime Education and Enforcement Group (RCCEG), which processes Municipal cases for the St. Louis Metropolitan region. RCCEG offers similar capabilities and advanced forensics for agencies in the area.

Digital Evidence works with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and their Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP) to investigate child victims in sexually exploitative images and videos. 

Please do not report incidents of child sexual exploitation to [email protected] Visit or call 1-800-843-5678 to make ALL reports regarding child sexual exploitation

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