ID Lab

Crime Scene Identification Laboratory

The St. Louis County Police Department’s Crime Scene Identification (CSID) Laboratory is comprised of the Crime Scene Unit and the Latent Section.  The two forensic units have been forensic service providers to the citizens of St. Louis County for over 50 years. The CSID Laboratory is charged with providing extensive investigative services and quality forensic examinations of scenes and evidence in a timely manner. The trained forensic practitioners ultimately provide expert testimony regarding their completed work in the various related criminal matters to benefit our citizens and the criminal justice community. All work is conducted while maintaining the highest level of integrity, impartiality, and professionalism to the communities we serve.

Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit (CSU) is an investigative support unit of the St. Louis County Police Department that aids in the documentation, collection, and preservation of  crime scenes and evidence. 

Latent Section

The St. Louis County Police Department’s Latent Section serves more than one million residents by providing evidence analysis for the St. Louis County Police Department and municipal agencies located within St. Louis County. The Latent Section also provides support to State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies when requested.Processing fingerprint evidence remains one of the most important investigative tools in helping to bring criminals to justice.

Tenprint Section

Under the direct supervision of the Fingerprint Unit Supervisor, Fingerprint Technicians in the Tenprint Section of the St. Louis County Police Department are responsible for the 24 Hour operation of evaluating tenprint impressions taken by St. Louis County Justice Services.