Operational Support



Lt. Colonel Troy Doyle, Commanding Officer
Division of Operational Support
(314) 615-7827





The Division of Operational Support is concerned with recruitment and hiring, training, technology, record keeping and security services. The Bureau of Staff Services delivers administrative support services to the Department. The Bureaus of Computer Services and of Communications develop and implement technological innovations to assure the most effective and up-to-the-minute law enforcement. The Bureau of Central Police Records maintains all Department law enforcement records. The Bureau of Security Services provides a safe environment within Government facilities for our citizens and employees to visit and work.


Bureau of Staff Services

The Personnel Services Unit, a part of the Bureau of Staff Services, is the hiring and recruitment wing of the Department. Their mission is to encourage the very best from all walks of life to join and grow with the Department as we serve and protect our community. They recruit, test and select new officers using the highest standards, assuring that only the finest serve as St. Louis County Officers.


Central Police Records

The  Bureau of Central Police Records, in addition to providing criminal record checks or police reports to the public manages the CARE system, updates sex offender registration information, issues firearm permits and trains and certifies private security personnel working in our community.

Office of Emergency Management

Tasked with preparing members of local government, law enforcement, and the public and private sectors to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.  Visit the Office of Emergency Management Website

St. Louis County and Municipal Academy

  St. Louis County and Municipal Academy is recognized as a front-runner in the area of police training. The pioneering Project 48 training model developed by the Academy set the education standard for the State's current continuing education requirement. This Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) certified academy continues to exceed the State requirement by providing over 900 hours of intense physically- and mentally-demanding basic recruit police training to our employees and those of municipal departments in St. Louis County. In addition, the Open Enrollment Program affords qualified individuals an opportunity to enter into the field of law enforcement with the same high level of training at a minimal individual cost. Learn more now.


The Bureau of Computer Services develops and uses the newest computer technology available to law enforcement with the goal of providing better and faster service to our citizens.

The Bureau of Communications utilizes Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) software to manage calls for service.  In addition to CAD, the Emergency CallWorks Software aids dispatchers in receiving phone calls and identifying callers on the E911 software platform. 


Private Security Section

The Private Security Section, along with their counterpart in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, processes applications, provides training and re-certification to more than 10,000 security personnel through a joint Metropolitan license. This program, which standardizes the process and qualifications, authorizes a licensed individual to work in both St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis.