Police Contract Services


Schafer LT


Police Contract Services Unit

Lieutenant Aaron Schafer, Commander
Telephone: (314) 615-0184
E-mail: [[email protected]]


The Police Contract Services Unit works closely with police departments, governmental agencies, school districts, and other entities in the region to deliver professional and quality law enforcement services.These services are established in a Police Service Agreement (contract), developed by the Unit with input from the contracting service recipient.

The St. Louis County Police Department is the largest provider of contracted law enforcement services in the State of Missouri, contracting with more than 60 entities for a variety of services.

Contracts can include Full Police Services, Coordinated Communications/Dispatching Services, and a Records Management System (RMS) known as Computer Assisted Report Entry (CARE).When contracting for law enforcement services, the St. Louis County Police Department works closely with Municipal Police Departments, Government officials, and can customize service levels to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

Benefits to contracting include a reduction in operating expenses and personnel costs and an increase in available resources and experience.

In Patrol Service Agreements, the officers assigned to the contractual city become valuable additions to the city and work out of the city facilities, providing the same police/community relations as expected from professional law enforcement.Markings on police vehicles and officer’s uniforms identify our partnership with the city and continue to provide autonomy for the citizens.Additional facets of contracting can be learned by contacting the Police Contract Services Unit.


For a full list of contract partners, see link: Service Agreement List.

Services Offered

  • Evaluating Quality Police Service
    A discussion of the issues that the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) suggests should be considered when evaluating the quality of police services.
  • Patrol Services
    A brief description of patrol services offered by the St. Louis County Police Department.
  • Specialized Services
    A brief description of the services offered by the St. Louis County Police Department Division of Special Operations.
  • Criminal Investigative Services
    A detailed description of investigative services provided by the St. Louis County Police Department.
  • CARE and Communications
    An overview of the advantages offered by St. Louis County Police Department's state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Report Entry and Communications systems.
  • Service Agreements and Partnerships
    A list of Service Agreements and Municipal Partnerships formed with the St. Louis County Police Department.