Police Board of Commissioners

The St. Louis County Police Department Board of Police Commissioners is a civilian oversight board with five members representing the citizens of St. Louis County. The Board is the final authority for the control and supervision of the St. Louis County Police Department. Board members are selected from the community by the County Executive and approved by the County Council. The Board derives its authority from Section 4.270 of the St. Louis County Charter where it states, “The board of police commissioners shall be in charge of the police department.” 


The St. Louis County Charter authorizes the Board of Police Commissioners to perform a variety of critical functions and tasks. For example, they formulate policies governing the operation and conduct of the department by approving all General Orders or policies of the Department. They appoint and provide oversight of the Chief of Police with the power to dismiss the Chief. The Board reviews all external complaints before they are presented to the Chief and may make recommendations on officer discipline.

The Board conducts hearings for employees appealing discipline or termination by the Chief and hear appeals from citizens over complaint dispositions.

The function of the Board is unique among police departments in that it allows the police department to remain independent of political influence while at the same time providing direct oversight from citizens representing St. Louis County. Anyone wishing to address the Board is welcome to speak at a Board meeting held every month at police headquarters. Please call 314-615-4260 for information on the next meeting.