Officer Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder

October 6, 2016
Officer Blake Snyder, age 33, was shot on October 6, 2016 at approximately 5:06 AM, after responding to a disturbance in the 10000 block of Arno. Officer Snyder was speaking with a suspect and asking him to show his hands. The suspect shot Officer Snyder. He did not have a chance to return fire. 

Officer Snyder was rushed to St. Anthony’s Medical Center for emergency treatment. Sadly, he passed away and became the tenth St. Louis County Police Officer to give his life in the line of duty. 

The suspect was shot several times by a second responding officer just seconds after Officer Snyder was shot.  He was taken into custody and charged with First Degree Murder.

Officer Blake Snyder was born on November 7, 1982. He was a four year veteran of the Department. During his career, he served in the Division of Patrol. He received several letters of commendation and appreciation from the Department and the citizens he served.