citizen resources

Gun Lock Safety Program

This program is offered to all St. Louis County residents who can prove legal ownership of a concealable firearm. Persons seeking a gun lock must also have ID and may obtain the lock from any precinct station.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is the nation’s premier crime prevention and community mobilization program and St. Louis County Police actively encourages the establishment of Neighborhood Watch associations. Citizens interested in starting or finding a program should contact their local precinct or neighborhood station and ask for a Neighborhood Policing Officer to assist. Find Your Precinct now.

Expired Prescription Drug Drop Offs

The St. Louis County Police Department will accept any potentially dangerous, expired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs. The DEA will dispose of the collected drugs.

The service is free and anonymous. There will be no questions asked. You'll be able to just drop-off the unwanted drugs and leave. Click for locations

Citizen Police Academy

Citizens Police Academies have been developed as a means to inform and educate citizens about police operations, the justice system, and their partnership. 

Course outlines have been developed for each session, tailored to the age or interests of the group. 

Contact your local precinct for more information on upcoming Citizens Academy classes.  

Learn more about the Citizen's Academy 

Teen Police Academy

Teen Police Academies are offered by the various precincts as a means to inform and educate local teenagers about law enforcement and the justice system. Course outlines have been developed for each session, tailored to the age or interests of the group. Teen groups receive information about dealing with issues by which they are most often confronted, resistance strategies, problem resolution, etc. Check with your precinct to determine when the next academy is scheduled.