Who We Are


The St. Louis County Police Department is among the finest in the nation. Every day the men and women of this department set forth to serve and protect the citizens of St. Louis County.   As Chief of Police, I am proud to celebrate our Department’s rich history of service to the St. Louis County community. It is my honor to work with such a motivated and accomplished group of men and women. Due to the professionalism, integrity, and dedication they have exhibited, our agency continues to serve as a leader in law enforcement throughout the region.

Each of us in the Department family brings a unique set of attributes and life experiences to the law enforcement profession. These qualities and experiences represent our diversity yet we all share common values and an adherence to our mission. This cohesiveness enables us to share our values with the community we serve and encourage each other to remain committed to the professional tradition our Department holds dear.  As we move towards the future, do so knowing we served our community to the fullest, took care of each other, and set an example of integrity, courage, and professionalism for all to follow in the future.

Colonel Mary Barton


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