The St. Louis County Police Department's Executive Command staff is comprised of four Lieutenant Colonels and the Chief of Police. They oversee the following Divisions: Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Special Operations, and Operational Support.  

The General Command Staff includes 17 captains and the Director of Emergency Management. They are responsible for the day-to-day operations of Department's eight precincts, Metrolink Unit, Tactical Support, Drugs Enforcement, Intelligence Unit, Professional Standards, Communications and Security Services. 

Executive Command Staff

Lt. Col. Kenneth Cox, Deputy Chief of Police

Lt. Colonel Ken Cox was born and raised in South St. Louis County, and currently resides in the Oakville area with his wife and two children. He currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Police for the St. Louis County Police Department.

Lt. Col. Troy Doyle - Division of Special Operations, Commander

Lt. Colonel Doyle began his career with the St. Louis County Police on April 27, 1992 when he was hired as a Probationary Police Officer and assigned to the South County Precinct. As a member of the St. Louis County Police Department, he has served in the following capacities:



Lt. Col. Jeff Bader - Division of Operational Support , Commander

Lt. Colonel Jeff Bader was born and raised in Southeast Missouri. He moved to St. Louis County and made it his home upon his employment with the Saint Louis County Police Department. He currently resides in the City of Wildwood and is the Commanding Officer of the Division of Operational Support.


Lt. Colonel Ken Gregory - Division of Criminal Investigation, Commander

Lt. Colonel Gregory is the Commanding Officer of the Division of Criminal Investigation for the St. Louis County Police Department. In this position, he is responsible for the overall operation of all investigative units of the St. Louis County Police Department, including Crime Scene Investigations, Drug Enforcement, Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property, Computer and Financial Fraud, Family Crimes and the Crime Laboratory.



Lt. Colonel Busalaki - Division of Patrol, Commander

Lieutenant Colonel Busalaki joined the Department in 1981 and is currently assigned as the Commanding Officer Division of Patrol. He served three years with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. During his career with the St. Louis County Police Department he has severed in the North County Precinct, and West County Precinct. 
As a detective he was assigned to the Bureau of Special Investigations and Bureau of Drug Enforcement.